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I gave my testimony at one of Cynthia Montello’s High Hopes & High Praises Women’s Conferences.  I accepted, even though I felt I did not have a testimony since I was born and raised in the Lord and had not experienced things of the world as the ladies in the shelter had.  I prayed and the Lord impressed on my heart that the women did not have the blessing to be raised in the Lord or deviated from what they were taught.  Yet now they have the ability to raise their children in the Lord once they accept Him as their Lord and Savior.  A generational curse can be broken with them understanding and recognizing that once they accept the Lord, they can change their current or future children’s lives as they are raised in Christ Jesus.

The love, commitment and dedication that Cynthia Montello has for lost and broken women is beyond measure and admiration. With the Love of the Lord and His Word, the hearts of the ladies are changed and they in turn change the hearts of us who have witnessed their transformation.

Naomi Hernandez