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Samuel P. Wright – A Legacy of Faith

Samuel P. Wright – A Legacy of Faith

The books had been sitting on the shelf for years. Books my grandmother had given me years ago, treasured but forgotten. I pulled one down from the top shelf and shamefully blew the dust off, silently reminding myself to do a better job of cleaning the out of mind places. As I was flipping through the yellowed pages, I saw a letter folded up and tucked inside. I sat down and carefully opened the letter and began to read.

It was a letter in my grandfather’s own handwriting. My mouth dropped as I read and realized what I had found. First of all, my maternal grandparents are two of the most cherished relationships in my life. I was separated from them at the age of 9 and maintained, for the most part, a relationship consisting of letters and phone calls from that point. I did manage to see them a few times after that, but Kansas is a very long way from Florida with no funds.

The letter was a detailed description of the life of my great-grandfather Samuel P. Wright. My grandfather was writing about his father. It contained amazing, rich information about his life, stories of a cannonball hitting their home and fleeing for their lives. They ended up in Waco, Texas where they felt they would be far from the dangers of war. I cried as I read that my great-grandfather had been an evangelist, a preacher and had traveled and planted more new churches in the state of Texas than anyone in history. I discovered that he had been the founder and first president of the Waco Female College, which is now Baylor University.

God’s loved poured over me in the most profound way, knowing that I came from a heritage of faith. Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is in my DNA. It’s what I’m compelled to do and reading this found treasure and soaking in every single word, then feeling the anointing of God for the mission He had called me to, was more confirmation than I could ever have asked for.

God gave me the vision for Soul Topics, an app that would put the Word of God at the fingertips of anyone seeking answers, help or encouragement. Soul Topics is real help for people who don’t know how to find things in the Bible when they need them, or for people who are ministering to others and need a quick and easy way to find the scriptures they need. I know in my heart that my great-grandfather would be so proud to know that I am continuing on the legacy he began, a legacy of faith and love which ministers to the souls of those in need.

I praise God for this discovery. I have read the letter a hundred times and find it amazing that it was there in my house for all those years, waiting to be found. God’s timing is always perfect and as I prayed for the strength and anointing to pursue the mission He called me to, He provided more than enough to sustain me through this difficult and rewarding journey. I know that Samuel P. Wright prayed for his family that would follow, knowing that God would continue the work he started and bring it to completion.