Cynthia Montello Ministries

I have volunteered with Cynthia Montello Ministries for the past seven years and have helped with several of her incredible women’s conferences. Cynthia is a powerfully gifted preacher and speaker. I have seen Cynthia wrap her arms around a homeless woman covered with weeks of dirt, a woman whom most of society would shun completely, and love her back to life. God’s heart for the “unlovable” flows through Cynthia in such a powerful way that even the most dejected outcast can find the hope to believe that God loves them and created them for a purpose! Knowing Cynthia is an honor; working alongside her in ministry is life changing; calling her “friend” is a blessing beyond description. Cynthia is God’s chosen instrument in this critical hour, working tirelessly to make the love, forgiveness, joy and peace of Jesus Christ come alive inside the hearts of women everywhere!

– Julie Seals

I gave my testimony at one of Cynthia Montello’s High Hopes & High Praises Women’s Conferences.  I accepted, even though I felt I did not have a testimony since I was born and raised in the Lord and had not experienced things of the world as the ladies in the shelter had.  I prayed and the Lord impressed on my heart that the women did not have the blessing to be raised in the Lord or deviated from what they were taught.  Yet now they have the ability to raise their children in the Lord once they accept Him as their Lord and Savior.  A generational curse can be broken with them understanding and recognizing that once they accept the Lord, they can change their current or future children’s lives as they are raised in Christ Jesus.  
The love, commitment and dedication that Cynthia Montello has for lost and broken women is beyond measure and admiration. With the Love of the Lord and His Word, the hearts of the ladies are changed and they in turn change the hearts of us who have witnessed their transformation.  

– Naomi Hernandez

Cynthia Montello has been our family’s Guardian Angel. She gave of herself for over two years to help my Dad through his journey with Stage 4 lung cancer. She visited Dad in the hospital and at home as he was being cared for by Hospice. She led him to the Lord and answered all his spiritual questions. Because of her dedication Dad left this world saved and now is in the arms of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When it came time for us to decide who would do Dad’s eulogy there was only one person who could be qualified for the job…Cynthia. She did a touching service when we spread his ashes and also at his Celebration of Life service. For her it was personal because of the special relationship she had with Dad. Her eulogy was uplifting and she even customized a song to the song Hallelujah. So many people came up to us after the service and said she was simply amazing! Thank you Cynthia for being such a Godsend to us when we desperately needed it.

– Karen Clark Roske

I have personally known Cynthia Montello for the past four years. My interactions with Cynthia leave no doubt as to her integrity and devotion to our Lord, Savior and God. She is a phenomenal speaker and preacher and has done such great work in Women’s Ministry. A true Woman of God serving His Kingdom here on the Earth.

– Mary Ponciano

I have had the honor and pleasure to work alongside Cynthia Montello for several women’s conferences at our local homeless shelter, City Rescue Mission for the women in their Life Builders program.  From planning the agenda, to the music selections, guest speakers, activities, and delivery of Biblically-based heartfelt messages, Cynthia’s sole focus is to glorify Jesus and offer hope and encouragement to hurting women.  Cynthia is a talented speaker and singer.  Her love for Jesus is evident in all that she does; always seeking opportunities to share the hope that is in her through Jesus Christ.  Compassion and humility guide Cynthia as she seeks to be a blessing to others.  I am grateful to call this wonderful sister in Christ a dear friend.

– Donna Gunn

Cynthia Montello is a highly skilled Christian speaker and business owner whom I have the pleasure of knowing and sharing time with.  She has been dedicated to ministry work for decades from evangelism, to prison ministry, to women’s conferences and countless other Christian projects. Titus 2:12 tells us that we are to live in this evil world with wisdom, righteousness and devotion to God. I can truly say that this is an accurate description of how Cynthia lives her life; she is a great example for us all!  As she continues to follow God’s calling on her life, great things are sure to come! 

– Brenda Wright

I attended two of Cynthia Montello’s conferences. Her words moved me in an indescribable way and helped me look at life differently.  She inspired me to a closer walk with Jesus.  She is an absolutely amazing singer and she is beautiful on the inside and out.  Her testimony is powerful and will inspire you to see your life and your worth through God’s eyes.

– Gina Lynn

I met Cynthia when I was in the LifeBuilder’s program at City Rescue Mission. Her passion for others and her heart for God make her a powerful woman for His Kingdom. She has impacted my life in so many ways and I am blessed to know her.

– Shauna McClinnham

Cynthia Montello has been a friend for some time.  I can truly say she is an inspirational speaker and preaches from the heart. She is a wonderful minister to diverse groups of women and relates to matters that develop a person’s life from where they are, to a better lifestyle in every area. Cynthia has a gift to minister and speak life into everyone she meets.

– Joyce Hall

Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious and
will open your eyes to amazing possibilities.